• Monday, May 16, 2022


General Standing

Law School Programming

For Law School Students:
Law school students are invited to join the Section at the reduced annual dues of $20.00. Simply complete the Law Student Membership Application and submit it as directed. For more information about becoming involved in the Section, contact the chair or vice-chair of the Law School Programming Committee, Chair, Johnathan Butler, johnathan.l.butler@wellsfargo.com or 813-842-9240; Secondary contact is Elizabeth Hughes elizabeth.hughes@akerman.com.

New Law Student Section Members can find additional information about getting involved on the
Next committee meeting: Monday, March 28, 2022 at 4:00-5:30pm via Zoom. 
Next Law School Student Council Meeting: Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 5-6:00pm via Zoom
2021-2022 RPPTL Law School Liaisons:

Ave MariaMichael Sneeringer msneeringer@porterwright.com

Barry. - Kristine Tucker kristine@coughlanslaw.com 

Cooley - Johnathan Butler johnathan.l.butler@wellsfargo.com 

FAMU - Kristine Tucker kristine@coughlanslaw.com 

FIU – Sylvia Rojas silsage@gmail.com 

Florida Coastal – Bryan Rendzio bryan.rendzio@ansbacher.net

FSU Jami Coleman jcoleman@williamscoleman.law

Nova Southeastern – Kymberlee Curry-Smith kcs@kcsmithlaw.com and Sandy Boisrond sboisrond@thespectrumlaw.com

St. ThomasKymberlee Curry-Smith kcs@kcsmithlaw.com and Sandy Boisrond sboisrond@thespectrumlaw.com

Stetson – Rebecca Bell rebecca@delzercoulter.com 

UF –Rebecca Wood rwood@TheFund.com

UM – Liz Hughes elizabeth.hughes@akerman.com