• Sunday, October 1, 2023


General Standing

Law School Outreach

For Law School Students:

Law school students are invited to join the Section at the reduced annual dues of $20.00. Simply complete the Law Student Membership Application and submit it as directed. Bar membership runs July 1st to June 30th each year. Renewal and new registration for upcoming bar year begins on April 18th. For more information on Law School Outreach and about becoming involved in the Section, contact the Chair of Law School Outreach Committee, Kymberlee C. Smith (kcs@kcsmithlaw.com or 954-500-5277) or Johnathan Butler (johnathan.butler@fideliscapital.com or 813-842-9240), or co-vice chairs Amanda Cummins (amanda@accumminslaw.com), Lilleth Bailey (lfb@osbornepa.com), and Kristine L. Tucker (kristine@coughlanslaw.com).

New Law Student Section Members can find additional information about getting involved on the "Resources" button.

Law Students are encouraged to connect with members of the Title Issues & Standards Committee and do meaningful pro bono work with great mentors. Contact: rwood@thefund.com, for more information. 

Next Law School Outreach Meeting:   TBD

Next Law School Student Council Meeting:  TBD

2023-2024 RPPTL Law School Liaisons:

Ave Maria – Michael Sneeringer msneeringer@porterwright.com

Barry. - Kristine Tucker kristine@coughlanslaw.com

Cooley - Johnathan Butler johnathan.butler@fideliscapital.com and Kristopher Fernandez kfernandez@kfernandezlaw.com

FAMU - Kristine Tucker kristine@coughlanslaw.com
Florida Coastal - Bryan Rendzio, bryan.rendzio@ansbacher.net 

FIU– Silvia Rojas silsage@gmail.com and Jacqueline Marzan jmarzan@thefund.com 

FSU – Jami Coleman jami@coleman.law

Jacksonville University - Bryan Rendzio bryan.rendzio@ansbacher.net

Nova Southeastern – Kymberlee Curry-Smith kcs@kcsmithlaw.com and Sandy Boisrond sboisrond@thespectrumlaw.com

St. Thomas – Kymberlee Curry-Smith kcs@kcsmithlaw.com
 and Sandy Boisrond sboisrond@thespectrumlaw.com

Stetson - Rebecca Bell rebecca@delzercoulter.com">

UF –Rebecca Wood rwood@TheFund.com

UM – Liz Hughes elizabeth.hughes@akerman.com

Kymberlee C. Smith, Chair
Kristine L. Tucker, Lilleth Bailey, and Amanda C. Cummins, Co-Vice Chairs