RPPTL Calendar of Events

1/27/2021CLEReverse Mortgages: Good v. Evil?Audio Webcast
2/12/2021CLE4th Annual Advanced Condominium and Planned Development Certification Review CourseAudio Webcast
3/17/2021CLEConstruction Law Certification ReviewAudio Webcast
3/17/2021CLEConstruction Law InstituteAudio Webcast
3/18/2021CLEWhen is a Condominium Common Element not a Common Element: The IconBrickell AnalysisAudio Webcast
4/9/2021CLEReal Property Certification ReviewAudio Webcast
4/9/2021CLEWills, Trusts and Estates Certification ReviewAudio Webcast
4/23/2021CLEGuardianship CLEAudio Webcast
6/3/2021Executive Council Meeting & ConventionMarco Island, FL

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